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5 Results Of Cheat Meal With Keto Diet

Everyone following a certain diet may wish for a cheat meal to break out the healthy clean eating routine. Sometimes on special occasions, in vacations or while visiting a new city we think about getting a cheat meal like having a delicious pasta or a piece of cake or anything else you may wish for. In Keto it’s no different, you will have the same thoughts and cravings. Although the Keto diet works on reducing the craving tendencies, for long-term Low-carb diets like Keto Diet you may want to get a cheat meal. 


The main question here:


What is the effect of having a cheat meal on my body in Keto Diet?

Let’s set the fact here that cheat meals are not helpful at all to achieve your main target. Following Keto Diet means that you are following a strict diet. Some kinds of low-carb diets may give you the space to have a periodic cheat meal, like every weekend or once a month. Keto is a little bit more strict than other diets. So before taking the cheat meal step, you should think first, is it worth or not. 


Consequences of Cheat Meals in Keto Diet:

Before rushing to a plate full of high carbohydrate delicious meal you were wishing for, first, you should know the consequences of this kind of meal on your Keto Diet.


Cheat Meals Kick you out from Ketosis State:

At the beginning of your Keto Diet, you were working so hard to reach the Ketosis States which is the state of burning fats instead of carbs to produce the fuel of energy for your body. You have minimized your carb intake and increased your fat intake to reach ketosis so your body starts to burn its own stored fats which results in losing the desired weight you have.


Having a cheat meal is capable of ruining that all and wasting all these efforts you have made, It may take you out of Ketosis state and you will need to redo all this effort again to go be into Keto.


Some people may have a cheat meal and they don’t get out of ketosis, this depends on the level of carbs taken and also on the level of your Ketone bodies in the blood. 


Cheat Meals Reduces your Keto Adaptation:

When the body enters the Ketosis state by getting low-carb and high-fat intake, the hormones of the body changes and the produced enzymes increases. This process helps the body to improve fat burning and using it as fuel for the body.


Cheat meals surely affect this process and reduce this Keto adaptation. While having regular cheat meals will not help you to stay for a longer time in Ketosis State and committing to Ketogenic Diet. 


The weight the body gains directly after having the cheat meal is just water regained due to having a high-carb meal, which is easily lost when returning back to your Keto meal plan. 


But take in consideration that the more you have cheat meals the more this regained weight will creep back up again.


Cheat Meals Increases Blood Sugar:

One of the most important benefits of Keto Diet is fighting Diabetes especially Diabetes Type 2. Having a high-carb meal is definitely a cause of spiking blood sugar too high levels which may reach dangerous levels. People who are sensitive to sugar effect should take care before having a cheat meal.


Cheat Meal open the Door to Cravings Once More:

when you are Keto adapted your craving will decrease in a noticeable way which will help you so much when facing food temptations. This happens due to the low-carb meal plan you are having in Keto as it reduces the insulin levels in the blood. 


When you have a cheat meal then you are destroying this benefit by resetting your taste buds. In order to return back to low-carb Keto meal plan you may need some time and also you may face some cravings again. So keep strong and don’t fall again.


Cheat Meals May Recreate Keto Flu Symptoms:

Changing the metabolism of the body by burning fat instead of carbs may cause some symptoms like headache, fatigue, and bloat. These symptoms are known as Keto flu symptoms. When you are Keto adapted it means you have skipped this level and your body started to feel more energetic and healthy. Having a Cheat meal may cause you to experience Keto Flu symptoms again and this will affect you emotionally and will make you feel out of control. So having a cheat meal in Keto will turn out to be not fun at all.



We are all humans, sometimes we want to break the routine and even if you are always eating healthy and choosing what you eat, sometimes we wish for something sweet or something with a different taste from what we are used to having on our healthy meal plan.


In this case, Have a right cheat meal. Choose what really worth to cheat with. Choose something you really love and miss eating. And get ready after this cheat meal by getting back as soon as possible to the Keto meal plan and if possible try intermittent fasting on the next day after the cheat day.


In order to avoid the cravings in Keto make your meal diverse and fun. Make new recipes and try Keto desserts, they will help you to satisfy your sweet tooth without too much guilt. 


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