snoring and keto diet

Relation Between Obesity And Snoring: Keto Diet For Calm Sleep

Are you a loud night snorer? Do you feel embarrassed with your partner? Is your spouse noisy at night and you suffer for quite deep sleep?  Are you shouting for help?!

Let’s discover together the reasons for snoring and the ways of resolving this problem.


Snoring Definition:

When the air flows through your relaxed throat tissues causing their vibration as you breathe, there is a harsh sound produced. This sound is known as Snoring. 

We can say that nearly every adult snores now and then. It’s a normal sound which may happen due to a wrong sleeping position or having flu symptoms which prevents your respiratory system from having clear breathing. But for some people, it may be a chronic issue. If you or your spouse suffering from continuous loud snoring, then you need to find the reason causing it as it may indicate a serious health condition.


Brief of the main reasons causing the snoring problem: 

  • Obesity comes in the first place as a reason for snoring.
  • Drinking alcohol is also the main reason for snoring especially when close to bedtime. 
  • Sleeping on your side night long.


The Strong Relationship Between Obesity And Snoring:

We can describe the relationship between obesity and snore as a vicious circle. This means that snoring causes obesity and obesity causes snoring. 


The most significant risk of developing sleep apnea is snoring. Do you know that 70% of sleep apnea patients are suffering from obesity? While 40% of obesity patients are suffering from sleep apnea?

Also, do you know that 95% of Sleep apnea patients are snorers?


How Does Obesity Cause Snoring?

 Being Obese is a problem which occurs due to overeating and wrong choices of food. When we eat high levels of carbohydrates we increase the capability of storing more fats in our bodies. 

These fats are distributed in different parts of the body. Some of these parts when they are storing fats they cause snoring problem.


Neck Fats affects the upper airways by compression:

What is your neck size is a question which defines the quality of your sleep. It defines to what extent you may experience sleep apnea while sleeping. 

Neck fats cause direct compression of the upper airways especially while lying down. Which increases the possibility of snoring during sleep.


Belly Fats Cause Snoring While Sleeping:

Can you imagine that belly fats especially the midriff fats and waist fats may cause an indirect compression of the upper airway? This compression leads to developing sleep apnea and snoring.

While in a sleeping position, belly fats compress the stomach, also chest fats compress the rib cage. As a result of these compressions, the lung volume shrinks smaller, which lowers the lung’s capacity reducing the airflow. Snoring is the main result of this lung tightness caused by being overweight. 


Men Are More Likely To Snore Than Women:

Fat distribution in the body differs according to gender. Women’s bodies tend to store fats in areas like hips, thighs, and glutes. 

While men’s bodies tend to store fats more in areas like the abdominal area, the neck, and the chest. 

That’s why we find the percentage of snoring males is higher than the percentage of snoring females. 

Women after menopause, they experience a change in their fat distribution which leads to increase their snoring levels to be so close to men’s levels. 


How Does Snoring Cause Obesity?

Everybody knows that overeating and lack of exercise are the main reasons for obesity. Food wrong choices and not having a routine for working out gives the fats more room to be stored in the body.


Also, Snoring has a role in storing fats. Snoring is an indication of poor quality sleeping. A person who suffers from sleep apnea and snoring while sleeping is always feeling tired and exhausted in the day time due to the poor night’s sleep he had. This may push him to be drinking more high-sugar drinks to make him alert. 


Being tired also consumes your energy faster than normal. If a person didn’t get deep sleep at night he tends to eat more thinking he feels week due to being hungry. While in fact he is tired due to his need for a good sleep.


If we come to exercising, snoring and sleep apnea prevents you from sleeping deeply and result in starting your day with low power, concentration or even good mood.


 Now, ask yourself this question, please! How ready to exercise if you feel this way?!


The Endless Cycle Of Obesity And Snoring:


After understanding the strong relationship between being obese and suffering from snoring, we can describe this relationship as an endless circle. This circle happens when snorers have a low quality sleep. They tend to eat the kinds of food which are rich in carbohydrates to settle their moods and give them more power and energy to perform their daily routines.

Keto Diet Reduces Snoring:


Following a low-carb diet plan like a Ketogenic diet can do great help to improve your lifestyle. 

Keto diet helps in losing weight efficiently as well as improving exercise performance and encourages its continuation. 


Keto diet can have a great role in improving your sleep quality at night. The ketogenic diet is a fat burning diet which works on burning the stored fat of the body in general.

 As a consequence neck fat, belly fat and chest fat can be easily burned with Keto, as they are the main reason for snoring and sleep apnea which deprive you of sleeping deeply.

By this way, you will enjoy a quiet and relaxing sleeping nights. It also will save you from feeling embarrassed when sleeping next to your spouse. 



  • Following a low-carb diet to lose weight and maintain a better quality of life may be the solution for you to have a better deep snore-free sleeping.
  • If you get enough high-quality sleep, set a healthy low-carb meal plan and have an exercising routine, then you are following the shortest and most efficient way for a better lifestyle and healthier body.