flabby skin after losing weight

7 Reasons For Having Flabby Skin After Losing Weight And How To Get Rid Of It

Did you start a diet plan which you really liked and found yourself losing weight efficiently, meanwhile those burnt fats left behind them a flabby skin which is not so beautiful and annoying?

After doing all this effort and struggling all this time with excess weight you still don’t like your body shape?!

Of course, you have a point. Here in Brightdiet.co.uk we have studied and searched for the most efficient ways from which you can choose what suits you to get rid of this annoying flabby skin.

The reason of this loose skin:

1- Losing too much weight: being overweight have caused stretching of the skin so losing lots of weight leads to a loose skin conclusion especially if the lost weight wasn’t due to burning the stored fat in the body.

2- This excess weight have been there for a long time: being overweight for a long time has stretched the skin and it’s not so easy anymore to restore its shape again.

Stop postponing this decision don’t say “ I’ll start next week or next month, or after my vacation”. This delayed decision will affect your skin as well as your health. If you gained this excess weight occasionally like the reason of pregnancy or being sick for a period of time which caused you a weight gain so don’t keep it for a long time. Lose it as soon as possible. And if this weight is there for years then the sooner to begin the better for you.

3- Rapid weight loss: Losing weight rapidly doesn’t give the skin a chance to restore back to its normal shape as it’s not possible to shrink back in a short time. That’s why it’s important to follow a moderate diet plan and not to starve yourself because starving yourself will lead to a rapid weight loss and after stopping it you won’t be able to resist the hunger attacks which will make you gain back all what you have lost.

4- Growing Older and age effect: The older you are, the less elastic skin you have. This problem can’t be solved if happened unfortunately but can be prevented while being young and losing this excess weight as soon as possible before it’s too late.

5- Genetic characteristics: Some people have genetic tendencies toward having loose skins.

6- Excessive sun exposure: If you spend a lot of time exposed to the sun, expect to have loose skin. Moderate sun exposure is the best for your skin as ultraviolet sun rays harm your skin and also causes aging marks to it.

7- Smoking affects skin: When you are smoking you are not just harming your inner organs like the lungs and your heart, but also you’re harming your skin. If you are a smoker then there is another reason to quit it as soon as possible. Do you know that young people who smoke look older than their actual age should look like?!

Now Let’s figure out How to Get Rid of Flabby Skin:

There are 6 ways to get rid of it, they are as follows:

1- Get rid of stored fats: if you have this flabby skin it means that you have some stored fats in your body and you didn’t lose them yet. For females, their bodies should normally have around 20% fats while for males, they should have around only 10% fats. Woman’s body should keep some amount of fats in their bodies and losing them is considered unhealthy.

2- Be patient: Don’t stress yourself, your skin took time to stretch that way and of course, it will take time to restore itself again.

3- Build more muscles: Of course, going to the gym or exercising frequently has a positive effect on your whole body, it improves your health and your fitness. Also, it helps in reducing that loose skin and reshapes your body in a healthy way by building muscles.

4- Having enough protein intake: When you are aiming to rebuild your muscles and improving your skin health, then taking care of having the required amount of proteins is essential.

5- Collagen and Fish oil: Some elements if taken help the skin to restore its elasticity and get a better shape in a shorter period of time like Collagen and Gelatin. You can get them by eating certain things like bone broth, skin or cartilages. Also, fish oil helps the skin to get a healthier look. You could take it as a supplement or look for products which are rich with fish oil.

6- Thinking about Surgery option: If you were excessively overweight and you have succeeded in losing too much weight then it’s very normal to get loose and saggy skin which unfortunately not easy to get rid of, in this case you can consult a plastic surgeon and check with him the best options you have to get rid of it as it will differ according to the region you need to fix.


In the end we have reached to result which is flabby skin is a consequence that happens due to losing too much weight and in order to get rid of it you need to be committed to your diet plan and not to ignore exercising at all as its the healthiest way to lose weight and maintain the best body shape.