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I’ve lost 30 KG in four months! I feel fantastic

It is absolutely possible to lose a lot of weight (even in a short time) – I am one of these people who successfully did that. Want to know how? 

I lived my whole life as an overweight person who kept trying all kinds of diets, sticking to them for not a short time full with hope of losing this burden off of me to feel free and enjoy my young age, but all these trials lead to failure which by time caused me huge disappointment so I lost hope of losing this weight.


Until my colleague started to lose lots of kilos within a fast pace, meanwhile this friend could have nuts as snacks, even cake, and cheesecake as desserts which ignited my curiosity to ask my friend about his diet. The answer to my question was Ketogenic Diet!


I read about the Keto diet a lot and started to follow When I felt confused I ran to ask The bright diet team who gladly answered all my questions. Later on, I decided to follow this diet and commit to it which made me get astonished with the progress I reached.


I lost about 10 kilos in the first month which made me feel that fury of excitement to continue and it went like magic, As I didn’t feel hungry or bored while on Keto Diet. I was able to choose what to eat whenever I want. It’s not about sticking to a meal plan or eat in specific hours which was ideal for me and for my daily routines. After four months I lost 30 KGs which was my dream for a long time ago.

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