keto side effects and how to cure them

5 Keto Symptoms And Their Cure

You have been burning carbohydrates to produce energy for your body due to eating sugars and high carbohydrate meals for your whole life. When you change to keto, you will face some of the keto side effects.

Of course, changing this and transmitting your metabolism into burning fats to produce energy would cause you some symptoms. These symptoms should not surprise you.  You should get ready for them as well to prevent them from happening or at least to reduce their presence. Let’s here discuss the most common symptoms and learn how to cure them.

These common symptoms could be :

  • Leg Cramp
  • Constipation
  • Unpleasant Breath Smell
  • Heart Palpitation
  • Lower exercising performance 


We are going to speak about each one of the keto side effects. In order to show you how to cure them and reduce their occurrence. It will be easier for everyone to know the best way to be on Keto Diet without feeling irritated or of lower energy.


Common Leg Cramps

If you are starting a low-carb diet like Keto Diet expect leg cramps to be common in the beginning. This happens due to the high rate of urination which is accompanied with loss of minerals most obvious magnesium. In order to prevent leg cramps there are easy steps you can follow; Drink Plenty of water and use enough salt, Mineral Supplement includes magnesium or use slow-release magnesium supplements, and if these steps are not enough you can also increase your carbohydrate intake to your meals.


Constipation or Colon Problems

While following a low-carb diet especially for the first time your digestive system may be affected a little bit till it gets adapted to the new way of eating, and this may cause constipation which is considered another one of the keto side effects. You can follow these steps in order to cure it; the first step is to drink plenty of water since being on low-carb diet absorbs the water in your body which reduces the amount of body in your intestines so going to the toilet won’t be so easy for you. But if you keep on drinking plenty of water and adding salt to your meals this will keep you hydrated and prevent constipation. Also having enough clean full of fiber vegetables will help you a lot to reduce or even prevent constipation. If constipation continues then you can go for adding Magnesia Milk as it is so useful in this case. You can find Magnesia Milk on our Shopping List.


Unpleasant Breath

Our main target is to lose weight. If you are on a keto diet then you wish to increase your ketone bodies production. Since producing those Ketone Bodies become your new source of energy by burning fats instead of carbohydrates. The presence of ketones leads to having an unpleasant breath smell which looks like nail polish remover as it contains acetone. If you are a hard sports performer the level of acetone will increase more in your body so you may smell it in your sweat. 

You may or may not experience this Ketone breath smell but if it happened, it should be gone by itself after a short period of time from one week to two weeks.

If Keto Breath was one of the symptoms you are having at the beginning of your Keto Diet then you should follow the next steps to get rid of it; Drinking plenty of water and adding enough salt to your meals will help you not to have a dry mouth-which is normally a source of bad breath- so you don’t need to mix both smells together. The second step is to increase the hygienic care of your mouth like brushing your teeth, flossing and using breath freshener more than usual. If this problem continues then you can increase the carbohydrate levels to reach from 20 to 50 grams per day.


Heart Palpitation

Don’t get concerned as it’s not something you should be worried about. These heart palpitations occur due to dehydration and lack of salt. Reduction of fluids in the body reduces the blood circulation in the body so the heart tends to beat a little bit harder or faster in order to increase the blood pressure. In order to get rid of this feeling, you should drink plenty of water and use enough salt during the day. Normally this symptom, if happened, would last for only one or two weeks at the beginning of a strict low-carb diet. But if the problem didn’t stop for a longer time you should increase the carbohydrate intake.


Notice that Diabetes and High Blood Pressure patients should observe this symptom carefully as Keto Diet may be a life changer to them, as it helps in improving the sugar levels of diabetes patients or reduces the high blood pressure of hypertension patients. 


Lower Exercising Performance

Starting low-carb diet causes reduction of fluids in the body which makes exercising harder. To avoid that you may drink enough water stirred in it about half a teaspoon of salt. 

The second thing you should do is not to be hard to yourself. Give your body it’s enough time to change your metabolism system which of course will take time and effort. High-performance exercising will rapid your body adaptation. This adaptation will help the body to burn more fats so you become a fat burner instead of carbohydrates burner.


Keto Rash :

It’s a common symptom which happens in the begining of Ketosis adaptation stage. Keto Rash is not dangerous or life thretening but definately an annoying symptom. It is a rare inflamatory skin condtion of unknown origin. It has a scientific name called Prurigo Pigmentosa. 

Keto Rash usally appears in areas like back, arms, chest, armpits areas and the less commonly in the face. It looks like eczema and dermatitis with red, pink or brown colors depending on it’s stage.

Knowing the reasons which cause Keto Rash will help you understand how to deal with this symptom better and also it will give you a clue how to prevent it from developing:

  1. Ketone Bodies: When the body produces Ketone bodies also Acetone is produced which triggers the rash by causing perivascular inflammation.
  2. Excessive Fasting: There is a relation between fasting and developing Ketosis state as increasing the fasting hours increases the production of Ketone bodies. This leads to cause Keto Rash.
  3. Low-carb Intake: Reducing the carbohydrates intake may also cause Keto Rash.
  4. Lack Of Nutrients: Restricting some kinds of foods and not replacing them with Keto-friendly alternatives containing nutrient elements may trigger Keto Rash.

The best way to reduce the Keto Rash suffering is to give it time to go away on it’s own, increase a little bit your carbohydrate intake, make sure you didn’t consume a Keto friendly food kind which you are allergic to and don’t forget to stick to daily supplements to compensate the lost nutrients.