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SportPlus 2 in 1 Dual Exercise Stepper


2 in 1 exercise step – Adjustable for “side stepper” or “up and down stepper”.
High-quality hydraulic cylinder for resistance.
Mini stepper with large non-slip footplates.
Training computer which displays calories burned, time elapsed, number of steps display and automatically displays changes.
Maximum user weight up to 100kg – Safety tested according to EN ISO 20957-1, EN 957-8.



SportPlus 2 in 1 Dual Exercise Stepper
Patented switch-over technology between side stepper and up/down stepper
With the 2 in1 Dual-Way Stepper, you can train your cardiovascular system in a very small space and at the same time strengthen and tighten your leg and buttocks muscles.

The innovative patented switch-over technology allows switching between the normal stair climbing function (up/down) and the side-stepper function with bi-directional movement sequence (up and down movement with simultaneous sideways movement). In addition to thighs and calves, the lateral thigh muscles, hips and buttocks are also trained.

The wear-free hydraulic cylinders create a smooth and dynamic movement sequence. The extremely stable construction provides for an untroubled training and a long service life of this product.

The computer provides all important data during the training session, such as number of steps, stride frequency, time and calorie consumption and has an automatic display change.


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