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Best Fruit Choices On Keto Diet

Introducing Keto Diet as a diet in which fruits are forbidden is a totally misleading way of Keto introduction. When you tell someone “While following Keto Diet you are not allowed to eat fruits” the first answer you will get for sure, “No Way I am doing this kind of diet!”

On the other hand, everyone has the same mindset which tells us that we should eat our fruits on a daily basis. So it’s not a reasonable thing to say that fruits are not allowed in Keto Diet and we should stop eating them to be more healthy in Keto. 


Our mothers have always taught us that eating an apple a day keeps the doctor away. It’s so strange when we know now that stopping fruit consumption and replacing it with fatty meals is good for us!


The first thing to know is the main point here is controlling the amount of carb consumption. Since fruits contain high amounts of carbs, that’s why it’s not allowed in Keto Diet which is a low-carb diet. 


If you are asking yourself now whether fruits can fit in Keto Diet or not? We want to tell you the good news. Yes, fruits can fit in Keto diet carefully in order not to ruin your efforts and kicking you out of Ketosis state. 


Overdoing fruits is not a good thing for your body as well as totally stopping fruit consumption. 

Let’s see how is that and what is the effect of fruits on the body:


Are Fruits allowed in Keto?

Fruits are sweet and they have this sugary taste which makes them including high levels of carbohydrates. 

There are some kinds of fruits which should be eaten during the Keto Diet, and there are other kinds of fruits which have a very high amount of carbohydrates which may consume the total daily amount of your carbohydrates in just one bowl of serving. 


Now we are going to speak about the best types of fruits that can you can eat while on Keto. Also, we are going to tell you whether you should eat them with caution or you can eat them freely.


Why Should we cut eating fruits in Keto?

The main reason to avoid fruits in Keto is to control the number of carbohydrates to be less than 5-10% of the total calorie intake. While fruits have high levels of carbohydrates. For example, for a person who should take about 2000 calories per day, if this person eats an apple which has total net carbs 25g which will represent the total carbs of his day. That’s how eating fruits could be troublesome as it will consume the required amount of carbs in just one serving or even just one bite.

There are some fruits which are high in fiber and low in carbs which are perfectly fitting in Keto. For example, Berries and strawberries are a perfect choice for fruits in the Keto diet.


Here is a list of Different Fruits and their included Net Carbs Every 100 grams:


Fruit Net Carb
Raspberry  5
Strawberry 5
Blackberry 4
Avocado  2
Starfruit 4
Honeydew Melon 6
Lemon 7
Peach  7
Orange 9
Tomato 3
Cantaloupe 7
Cranberry 8
Apricot 9
Watermelon 7
Apple 12
Mango 13
Grapes 16
Kiwi 12
Cherries 10
Clementine 10
Banana 20
Blueberry 12
Plum 10
Pear 12
Pineapple 12


From this table you can see the best types of fruits that can be included in the Keto Diet, also you can see the high-carb fruits which you should avoid them in order not to exceed the required amount of carbohydrate per day. 


For example, Avocado is considered to be the best option of fruit in Keto while bananas should be totally avoided.


Best Fruit Options in Keto Diet:


  • Avocado: It’s a fruit that is full of fat and low in carbs which is ideal for the Keto meal plan, It’s rich in Potassium, Fibers and a plant-based fat source.
  • Tomato: It’s from the fruit family and Yes! you can have it to satisfy your cravings, also it’s full of vitamin C and vitamin K for bones. 
  • Raspberries: It’s one of the most delicious fruits. You can enjoy a Keto Dessert by adding them to whipping cream or greek yogurt. This kind of fruit has 8 grams of fibers to improve the digestive system, antioxidants to avoid inflammations. Also, it has a low level of carbs so it perfectly fits with Keto. 
  • Rhubarb: If you never tried Rhubarb before then it would be a great chance to add it into your plate as it has a tart taste. You can eat it raw, puree or roasted. 
  • Star Fruit: Usually It doesn’t come to your mind to add Star fruit to your grocery basket. While in Keto Diet, you can satisfy your cravings to fruits by having a star fruit which has only 2.6 g of net carbs in a half-cup serving.
  • Cantaloupe: A half-cup of raw cantaloupe can be a great choice for you to enjoy having fruits in your Keto diet plan. 
  • Strawberries: Having Strawberries in a moderate amount during Keto diet can be satisfying yet filling fruit that you can eat. You can have it raw, sliced or blend a handful into a small low-carb smoothie.
  • Watermelon: This juicy summer fruit can satisfy your sweet tooth conveniently on Keto. It can be an acceptable fruit choice on Keto because it is a high water fruit. 
  • Lemon: Enjoy a fresh glass of Lemon juice in your hot days as it has low-carb level and high in vitamin C. Having a lemon-water every day can work as a perfect antioxidant that promotes healthy digestion process.

If you are not convinced enough that avocado and tomato are fruits, then you can enjoy the real sweet taste of those low-carb berries like Strawberries, Blackberries, and Blueberries. But take care while consuming the Blueberries as they contain higher amounts of carbohydrates so try to consume them only in rare times in order not to lose the stability of your Ketosis state.


What are the Benefits of Fruits in Keto?

The main 3 reasons we should use fruits in Keto Diet are:

   1. Completing the main nutrient elements and vitamins in your meal plan:

Following Keto means minimizing your nutrient sources which may cause on the long term to nutrient and vitamin deficiency. So eating fruit will work as a source for them like Potassium, Vitamin C and Fibers.

    2. Helps to satisfy cravings to sweets:

Every time you crave for something sweet go for having Keto-friendly low-carb fruits better than having desserts loaded with stevia or erythritol sweeteners which are much sweeter than normal white sugar. These desserts will push you more to a craving for sweets and this may affect your weight loss rates. 

    3. Adding fruits to your meal plan will help you to follow Keto for a longer time:  

Everybody loves fruit. They are delicious and full of vitamins, so why not enjoy them while you are on a diet as long as you can eat them without feeling guilty. As much as you make your meal plan full of a wide variety of delicious types of foods as long as you will be able to enjoy your healthy way of eating.

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Be careful While Consuming Fruits in Keto:

There are 3 main reasons to be careful while consuming fruits in Keto which are :

    1. Eating lots of fruits will increase your insulin levels:

We can’t neglect the amount of sugar included in fruits. This sugar is called fructose. Eating more fruits will increase the level of insulin in the blood which may kick you out of Ketosis state. If this happens you will enter a circle of hunger and more sugar cravings. 

     2. It’s hard to control the portion of fruit: 

When starting to eat fruit, it’s really hard to stop. Since it’s sweet and delicious and also it doesn’t satiate the hunger feeling. So it’s preferable to eat a snack which is fruit pre-portioned with other kinds of Keto snacks in order to support the balance of the macros in your snack. 

      3. Fruits are not filling snacks:

Fruits are poor in proteins and fats- except for avocados- which are the macros needed to feel satisfied and nourished. Fruit snacking may keep you hungry or increases your appetite which will push you on eating more and increasing your carb intake. High-fiber fruits and snacks are the best for snacking as they will prevent hunger attacks.  



You don’t need to totally avoid fruits in Keto but consume them with caution. Enjoy your meals by adding small amounts of fruit to them. Just you will have to look for the best choices and their portions.